Architectural Philosophy

Rooted in the philosophy of modern contemporary sustainable design and sensitivity to context and environment, the practice is recognised today as a leader in its field nationally having gained exposure in both technical and local publications and having achieved success in national awards and architectural competitions.

The company's advanced communication systems  and energetic work force allows it to keep abreast of international trends and innovations in modern design. However, the company remains sensitive to the diverse requirements engendered by the unique South African milieu within which it functions and is committed to a pro-active involvement in community upliftment.

The firm has operated on a non-discriminatory basis since its origin which is today reflected in its make up of associates and staff. This is also evident in the firm's commitment to the upgrading and betterment of environments in which it operates.

The practice has maintained parity with international trends and boasts a technologically proficient office and staff which allows for a brisk and efficient service to its clients. Furthermore it allows the office access to a vast library of information enhancing the spectrum of ideas and concepts to which the staff is exposed. In addition to the library, the office maintains a comprehensive range of products available to clients.

Design Methodology

Despite the high level of technology embraced by the practice, the early design work is carried out in the traditional style of pen and paper. This allows for a more creative development of ideas and concepts. It is in this critical stage of design that Llew Bryan is keenly and actively involved in all projects.

A visual record of projects in the form of photographs and video images is also maintained to assist the office in keeping a record of the progress of a project and to allow for critical analysis and evaluation of projects past and present. The office is involved fully throughout a project until satisfaction of the client is reached.

In continuing this spirit of self evaluation, the firm has introduced an experienced 'on-site' presence to improve the overall quality of the architectural product offered to clients. The 'on-site' presence is not restricted to the duration of the contract, facilitating liaison between client and contractors even after final completion of a project.

The practice is proficient in the use of AUTOCAD and REVIT 3D software which makes an invaluable contribution to a high standard of technical documentation. In addition, an Office Manager assisted by suitably qualified and experienced personnel complete the team.